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The 11 week Intermediate Course is an extension of the Basic Course contents as advised by Hathayogi Nikam Guruji. Emphasis is placed on the improvement of the various cleansing techniques, postures, meditation and relaxing techniques taught at the Basic Course. In addition, participants are taught various advanced postures, including variations to the basic postures such as the Surya Namaskar. More importantly, participants are also introduced to the study of Pranayams which can be easily practiced by a common householder.

Here is a list of some of the contents.......

No. Asanas Exercises
1 Pranakarshan Breath control with Aroha/Avaroh
2 Kapalbhati Brisk breathing with prolonged external retention
3 Ujjayi Abdominal breathing with ratio betweeninhalation/exhalation/external retention
4 Omkaar Introduction to lagu-lahari
5 Agnisar Stomach flapping - Target of 40 strokes for each of 3 sets
6 Uddiyan The "lock-trio" - Target of 16 counts for each of 3 sets
7 Jala-dhauti Checking and improvement of the techniqe
8 Shavasan The Corpse posture - Revision with emphasis on thevarious "chakras"
9 Jala-Neti Nasal Cleansing
10 Surya-Namaskar Sun salute - Introduction to 2 other variations with Mantras
11 Padma Sarvangasan Variation to Sarvangasan with increased duration of holding
12 Karnapidasan Extension of Halasan
13 Supta Bhujangasan Extension of Bhujangasan
14 Maha Shanka Prakshalan Extension of the Shanka Prakshalan cleansing
15 Kaichi Scissors position for flexibility of the spine
16 Chatakasan Good backward stretch for spine. Tones thighs and lungs
17 Ardha-Dhanur Ardha-Nauk Combination of Dhanurasan and Naukasan
18 Saravangapoornasan Good stretch to the thighs spine and back muscles
19 Viryastambhanasan Strengthens knees, hips and tones leg muscles
20 Hanumanasan Good backward stretch to the spine and thigh muscles
21 Marjarasan "Cat" posture. Imparts flexibility to the entire spine & neck
22 Shvanasan "Dog" posture. Backward bend to spine and imparts balancing skills
23 Ugrasan Extension of the Paschimottanasan. Stretches inner thighs
24 Laghu Laharis Introduction to short waveform Omkar chanting/meditation
25 Amarkruti Combination of Kalapbathi and Uddiyan. Excellent for the heart
26 Bhrasra Ujjai Excellent for the relief of Asthma and Bronchitis
27 Anuloma Viloma Breathing Introduction and preprapration for Pranayama
28 Anuloma Viloma Pranayam Clears blockages, and balances the Ida & Pingala
29 Ujjai Pranayam Good exchange of praan in lungs
30 Seetkari Pranayam The cooling breath pranayam
31 Sarvasakthi Pranayam With external retention only

Caution : Do not try any of these on your own!