Testimonials from Participants

David Margret (Mrs Rajendran - Perumal Temple Center) submitted on 2014-11-04 18:05:43

Dear Mr Chandran


Over the last few months, I have seen great improvements in my health.  And that I strongly believe, is due to the practice of Yoga.

When I first started to try Yoga, I was not sure whether it would help in curing my ailments of high-blood pressure and heart enlargement.  Today, after having gone through Yoga, my doctors have decided that I need not be on medication anymore.  I am grateful to Yoga and also, God.

My family members have noticed the improvements in my health that some of them are joining your next batch of Yoga lessons.  I too am continuing with your sessions, to further improve my health and well-being.

I also wish to say that me and some fellow Yoga participants at the Perumal Temple centre, find the trainers being dedicated, patient in training, and understanding.  As the chief Yoga trainer, you were very helpful in explaining the Asanas and postures, in a very simple, yet practical and confident manner.  You were never tired of answering our questions and repeatedly correcting our mistakes.

I hope more and more people will take up this great and blessed ancient practice of Yoga.  Special thanks must go to Nikam Guruji Yoga Kutir for having granted us with this Yoga science for life.

Once again, my family members and me, wish to convey our thanks to you and your fellow Yoga trainers.

Warmest Regards
David Margret (Mrs Rajendran)

Syed Manzur (GIIS Queenstown, Center) submitted on 2014-11-04 17:56:25

To Whom It May Concern

The benefits that I derived by attending Yoga classes conducted at Nikam Guruji Yoga Kutir:

1. For the past few years my blood pressure has been high. Despite medication and regular physicalexercise, my blood pressure remained above 135/95.  However, after practicing yoga for 6 weeks,my blood pressure has come down to 120/80. I still take the pills prescribed my doctor. I think thecombination of medicine and yoga has helped me significantly.

2. For more than 10 years I have been suffering from frequent nasal congestion and I had to breaththrough my mouth most of the time. After practicing the breathing exercises as taught in the yogacourse my nasal passages have cleared up and now I am able to breath naturally through my nosewithout any conscious effort.

3. My digestion and bowel movement have improved considerably as a result of the yoga exercises.

4. I am sleeping much better ever since I started practicing yoga 10 weeks ago

Vinodh submitted on 2019-05-11 14:21:46

I have been religiously doing the Jala dhauti and Jala Neti. These cleaning techniques have helped me alot and now my eyesight and overall breathing are good. A huge thank you to Nikam Guruji Yoga Kutir and Sri Ramakrishna Mission!!!

Anbazagan S/o Manickam (The Grassroots' Club) submitted on 2014-11-04 18:02:59

Dear Sir,

Benefits after doing Yoga.

Sir, I was suffering from Asthama since the age of 8. In the ealy years I tool tablets and injections to control my sickness. I also took other kinds of herbs to cure the sickness but to no avail. At age of 22, I was introduced to Ventolin inhaler. From age 22 to 44 I must take the puff at least 4 to 5 times a day. At times when the Asthama gets worst, I have to take more doses. I was even hook to oxygen gas when the Ventolin failed to suppress the attack. Along the way, I tried many other ways  to get cure or even bring it under control because I hate taking the puff each and every day.. I must take the puff each night before going to sleep and after waking up. If not I'll feel breathless and get headaches. Even during the day time I have to take the puff. doctors told me that there is no cure for my sickness. I gave up and started to live with the Ventolin. Things changed in my life after doing YOGA. There are a tremendous changes in my health now. My Asthama attack was reduced from 100% to 20%.Presently(after 29/5/03), I did not take any puff for a number of days too and I am doing fine. For the past 18 years I must take the puff every day and it is a must before going to sleep. I thank Mr.Atul for bringing Joy and good health to me.I take this opportunity to thank all instructors from bottom of my heart for the selfless service and guide. My special thanks to Mr.Mohan for his personal care and coaching. Following exercises helped me a great deal  - Yoga Mudras, Kapal-Bhati, ujjayi, Omkar, Sarvangasan, Matsyasan, Suryanamaskars, Jalaneti and Jaladhauti

Swaminathan Rajasekar ( J cube Centre) submitted on 2019-06-11 21:47:23

Before starting the yoga classes, I was taking two pills of tablet to keep my sugar level normal. Even after taking pills, the sugar level was bit high.Aftet started  to pracise it for the past two months, the sugar level has become normal after taking one pill only. In the long run I will practise regularly to avod taking pills for ever.                                                                                   Thanks to Yoga Nikam for the valuable FOC service given to the yoga seekers.





Mr. Koh Kevin (Braddell Centre) submitted on 2014-11-04 17:43:46

Dear Mr Atul

I would like share my experience and the benefits of yoga. I start yoga in 2010 at Bradell onepeople.sg and also complete my intermediate course at Ramakrishma mission. One night I can't urine and my neck swollen then the next morning I went to see a doctor and later I was send to SGH later admitted in the hospital for four days. I was diagnose a very severe diabetic in which sugar and starch are not properly absorbed by my body.

The normal body glucose was 4-6 but my body glucose is 19 – 21 even if I am not eating.

At the beginning the symptom it was my mouth very dry, skin itches and weight loss. It was on going for about one year.

After I was discharge from hospital every day I have to inject four insulin into my stomach that to bring the glucose down. One insulin is inject in my stomach is from 10ml – 23ml.

After eight month of insulin I became very weak and my complication started. My nerve pain, my side of the stomach harden and pulling, eyes vision blurs and legs swollen. Especially my legs nerve is so painful that every day in the middle of the night I use cold ice wrap with towel to sponge my legs. My weight loss further to 49kgs.All this suffering I had consults many doctors for second opinion but no improvement. One day my friend came to me his name is Daniel Heng he is now a yoga instructor. He recommends me to take up yoga.

This Hathayoga yoga is miracle my glucose is control to 4 – 7.1 and now I don't need inject insulin anymore and all the complication completely gone. I have more energy. Now I only took tablet medicines. What I do is every day in the morning five o'clock I start with Prayers, Sun-Salute,Kapal-bhakti, meditation, Sarvangsan, Halasan, Ardha Macchindrasna and Prayers. All it take me two hours and 15 mins. Hatha yoga is so wonderful and beautiful it's bringing back my life and energy. My weight also goes back to normal 61kgs just a small portion of food every day.

I will keep on practising Hatha yoga forever and I will tell all my friends about my experience and the benefits of Hatha yoga.

Lastly I sincerely wish to thanks my friend Daniel Heng to bring me to Hatha yoga and also I would like to take this opportunity to thanks you Mr Artul and to thanks the entire instructor for their valuable time and guidance.Thank you. Aston ma sat gamaya Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya Mrutyor ma gamaya Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Mr Manoharan (Ramakrishna Mission) submitted on 2014-11-04 18:06:29


I wish to share with you something personal.

I went for my quarterly medical review yesterday (10 Feb 2001) with my cardiologist at the Heart Centre in Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

During my heart attack in Jan 2000, the lower heart muscle was deemed to be permanently damaged and only functioning with the help of the remaining upper half heart muscle, i.e., 35% damage in medical terms. This is a common feature in all heart attacks.

In yesterday's full medical review, my cardiologist was dumb-founded when I completed the full cycle on the tramp-mill which is only possible medically by very able and physically fit persons, with no history of cardiac related illness. 2ndly, during my heart attack, I was administered angioplasty in one of my closed arteries. Under normal circumstances, my cardiologist told me that this implanted stent will close up after 6 - 8 months, due to wear and tear and also due to one's life-style. In yesterday's MRI tests, it was revealed that my implanted stent is still intact and my artery has not close since Jan 00.

A normal healthy adult's cholesterol level is between 3.5 - 3.8% My reading showed a miraculous 2.6%. Lastly, according to my doctor, WHO has rated a very healthy blood pressure reading as 80/120 or lower. Mine showed 60/110. The above tests were conducted twice over a week to detect any changes. Both tests produced the same results.

Dr. Jaya, my cardiologist asked me how I managed to defeat something that science could not achieve. I replied - YOGA!!!. Without any hesitation he has from yesterday reduced my medication to only one pill to be taken every other morning.

Thank you & rgds,

Dr Ramakant S Solanki (Ramakrishna Mission) submitted on 2014-11-04 18:03:54

Dear Sir,

I, Mr. Ramakant S. Solanki, am very thankful to you and to His Holyness Swami Shri Muktirupanandji for inspiring me to join your yoga classes at Shri Ramakrishna Mission. On joining this class and attending it regularly for 10 weeks from 8th June to 10th August 2003 I have received the greatest benefit of my life.I am 67 yrs young. I would like to share the benefits which I have gained.

1. My waist has reduced by about 2 inches after I started doing kapalbhati which had remainedstagnant since the last three years despite walking 7-8 kms everyday regularly. My overall weight  has also reduced from 76 Kgs to 68 Kgs. It seems that my cholestrol level has also been reduced.

2. I have stopped taking medicines, from 1 tablet to ½ tablet and then stopped completely since the  last 15 days when I developed symptoms of cholesterol reduction due to medicine. (I will undergolab test for the same and let you know.).

3. My wife had been suffering from hyperacidity from the last 20-25 yrs.This could not be fullycontrolled by medicines. Since Tuesday 5th August she has been performing Jaldhoti. From that daytill today i.e.the 15th of August she has not felt the need for any antacid. She was also takingantidepressants but now she has stopped those also. She can perform Jaldhoti better than mewithout any activation. I am also trying to teach her some simple breathing exercises by sitting on achair as she cannot sit down due to osteoarthritis. I think that with passage of time and properbreathing exercises this problem will also be overcome.

4. I am feeling very energetic both physically and spiritually and I am still expecting more benefits indays to come from these yogic kriyas.

Once again I would like to thank Mr Jayant Bhat in guiding me during group exercise. I also thank all the other instructors who have guided me during the class. I would also like to thank all my fellow particpants because they have inspired me with their performance.

Thanking you,
Dr Ramankant S. Solanki

Kumutha submitted on 2017-08-20 23:38:08

~~Good morning dear all,
Today, I am here to share my Journey of Pranayam Practices.  My journey began in 2003. In the beginning, it was a challenge for me to set the time for the practices due to work and taking care of my household needs as a wife and mother. However, I made a strong commitment to myself that I would have to sacrifice my sleep because at the end of it, I would be gaining something more valuable from the pranayams. Doing pranayams did not just involve less sleep for me.  Initially when I started doing the pranayams I had to struggle with the following symptoms:-
•         Itchiness of the body with rashes
•         Palpitations
•         Diahorrea
•         Headaches
•         Piles
•         Ulcers in the mouth
•         Dizziness
I had to constantly check with Atulji on the symptoms I faced and his advice was to do the practices moderately and to have proper rest.  I followed his advice and all the symptoms eventually vanished. The sacrifices were worth the effort. As I continued practicing, my body started getting used to the habit of pranayams in the morning and I started to enjoy the experience. Today, waking up in the morning is no longer a challenge and I look forward to performing the basic breathing techniques and daily pranayams. It is now the reason why I go to work with a positive mind set and a fully energized body.
What has motivated me to do the pranayams?
•         I felt my body became lighter and moving around was much easier. 
•         Developed a positive perception of problems and situations, the unfavourable experiences does not haunt me much.
•         Performing selfless work, the willingness to impart to others generously the knowledge of yoga practices gained.
•         Have the strength and courage to practice my daily practices sincerely for longer period of time in spite of internal and external obstacles.
•         Deep contentment that I am in the company of good and holy people.
•         Better clarity of the mind with no more doubts and fickleness.
•         I have learnt to be more understanding of people and less demanding in terms of expectations.
•         There was a reduction in my negative emotions eg. anger, jealousy, hatred, greed and fear.
•         Experience joy and have the strength to rise above all the hardships.
•         Became more aware of eating healthy food (that means less junk food).
•         Perform deep breathing and focus on breathing more frequently.
•         Intuition and divine guidance.
•         Increased self confidence and willpower .
•         Greater interest in spiritual knowledge.
•         Ability to overcome fear
These changes have been motivating factors for me to do my practices promptly.  For eg. Just like a battery after doing pranayams, we are 100% charged.  We must retain the energy throughout the day by having positive thoughts.  Each negative emotion reduces the energy level and sometimes you feel that whatever energy you had in the morning are drained off by the end of the day. The energy received in the pranayam practices are so precious to me and I try not to waste it on negative emotions. 
I would like to share one other personal experience.
About 7 years ago, my mother-in-law passed on suddenly.  It was a very painful experience for me as I was very close to her. I had to stop doing my pranayams for about 16 days during this period. During this time, I was mentally and emotionally affected. After the 16 days, I started doing the pranayams again and I was surprised to gain back the strength and confidence which I had lost.  This experience has made me feel that our practices should be done consistently.  There should not be any break in our practices in spite of problems, be it good/bad, happy or sad. 
Proper discipline in the practices
-  Proper rest by going to bed early and waking up early
-  Having a fix time to do pranayams (preferably in the morning)
-  Eat moderately
-  Constant effort and hardwork in spite of pains and problems in our life
-  Jalaneti, Jaladhauti and Vak-dhauti should be practised promptly
Pranayams is a bridge to reach divine character.  My sincere and deep gratitude to Nikam Guruji and Atulji for their constant guidance, blessings and grace and for giving me lots of opportunities to practice the teachings of Hatha Yoga and to spread the glory of the teachings.
Finally I would like to share this favourite quote :-
“What you are is God’s gift to you, what you become is your gift to God”
My Humble Pranams

Mdm Winnie Cho (Boon Lay) submitted on 2014-11-04 18:08:10

I've attended many Yoga sessions before and I'd say this is the best one. I've learn many good tips from the past 11 sections that is useful to my lifestyle. I've learnt many ways to cleanse my body; many ways to help me to release stress and also help me to have good sleep which allow me to stay alert the next day. I will definitely recommend more friends to attend this course.

Thank you.Regards

Mdm Krithika Bharadhwaj (Boon Lay) submitted on 2014-11-04 18:07:31

I am Krithika, a housewife aged 26. I wish to thank Shri Atulji for teaching me Yogaasanas and all the instructors here, especially Shri Mohan, who guided me during the group sessions. I had my gall bladder removed in 2001 since I contracted gall stones during pregnancy. Following the gall bladder removal, my stomach became weak and I used to have frequent digestive problems including occasional diarrhea. As per my husbands advice, I joined this yoga session conducted by Shri Atulji. Since joining this class, I have been extremely regular in my practice and have experienced the benefits of doing the various Aasanas and the cleansing techniques. Here, a special mention has to be made of the Jala-dhauti - Cleansing of stomach using water,Pavan-Muktasan - A posture to get rid of excess wind from stomach, Paschimottanasan - A forward bend to enhance digestion. Now, my digestive problem is reduced to a considerable extent, almost gone, I should say. My overall health has improved tremendously and I also feel much more energetic. I have to thank Shri Atulji (our master) and all the instructors for this. Also, I sincerely appreciate their service mindedness in teaching Yoga for free. As a concluding note, I would like to mention that a good health is the greatest wealth one can have and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have acquired it through this yoga class.

Thanks once again for everything

Ronaldo Reyes (Boon Lay Garden Primary school) submitted on 2014-11-04 18:04:32

Good evening to all of you,

My name is Ronaldo Reyes. I attended the 12 weeks yoga classes here at Boon Lay Garden Primary school. I would like to share some of my experiences with all of you.

After Jala-dhauti was demonstrated, I did it continuously for 15 days. It was a good experience. First few times I had difficulty in throwing out the water.  After one week of trying, water started to come out easily.

I had shoulder, knee and back pain before I started Jala-dhauti. After performing Jala-dhauti for 15 days the shoulder pain has reduced, I should say by 90%. The knee pain is also considerably less. My back also feels much better now.

In the past when I stood up from sitting position I used to feel giddy. Now I don’t have this problem any more.

In addition to these I had the problem of insomnia or sleeplessness. Usually it used to take an hour or more to fall asleep. After 4~5 hours of sleep, I used to wake up and could not sleep after that. Now I can fall asleep easily & sleep much longer almost 6~7 hours.

I am surprised and happy that yoga could bring about so much of improvement in my health.  I would like to thank all volunteers for spending their valuable time & giving us such good guidance.

Thanking you.

Elanor Chong (Intermediate Center) submitted on 2014-11-04 18:01:55

Dear Mr Atul,

I have just finished my intermediate yoga course at the Ramakrishna Mission, and want to thank you, your wife and all the volunteer instructors for the wonderful job they have done. Ever since I took up your yoga course, I have felt more relaxed. My stomach has always been weak, but the exercises have helped to strengthen it, and I have less cramps and acidity. Ever since, I started on the eye wash, I have not bought any commercial eye drops, and my eyes are less puffy. Thanks again for your effort and dedication towards improving our health, and quality of life

Sheerina Ng (The Grassroots' Club Center) submitted on 2014-11-04 18:01:08

Ever since I first joined this Yoga class in August this year, I have found the positions and techniques taught, extremely useful in combating my Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I now practice Yoga at least three times a week and have found three of the techniques especially applicable to me.

Firstly, the Vayusar or the Burping exercise has helped me in the expulsion of wind from my stomach. I feel that after practicing this, my stomach muscles have become stronger in the process.

Secondly, the Agni-Saar or Stomach Flapping has also, like the Vayusar, increased strength of my stomach muscles. I feel that both these exercises have decreased the re-occurance chances of my Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Thirdly, Omkaar has greately refreshed my mind every single time I practice it without fail. I find it helpful in revitalizing the mind after work.

Finally, I would like to thank all the instructors for their patience and dedication

Unanimous (The Grassroots' Club Center) submitted on 2014-11-04 18:00:24

First, I would like to thank heartfully for the contribution and effort out by Master (Atul) and instructors.

I had been suffering from a severe constipation for the past 10 to 15 years. I had to take a herbal tea every night for my constipation problem; if I dont, I might not go for toilet even for 5 to 7 days too. The herbal tea gave me a little relief.

Even taking plenty of water and lots of fruits also does'nt help me, not forgetiing, I am a vegetarian for past 8 years.

But, I got a miracle happen in my life after 2nd session of my Yoga lessons. The Kapal-Bhati! It gave me a change of life style from the day-one itself.I am doing Kapal-Bhati regularly and have forgotten my tea.

I thank for the Master for his simplified and effective teaching

Mdm Sellai Yee (Jiemin Pr School Center) submitted on 2014-11-04 17:59:43

Firstly I'm very happy to share my experience tonight. Practicing yoga has made me a more energized person. I had joint problems and knee pain before I learnt yoga. Bur after joining the yoga session here, I have benefited a lot. I do not have much pain now and I feel very lively after practicing the Asanas. My blood circulation to the whole body is better and doing pranayama has made breathing easier for me, especially whenever I walk briskly or run. I can do Surya Namaskar, Ardha Macchindrasan and cycling asanas well. I wish to continue learning and practicing yoga.

Lastly I wish to thank guru, Gauri who takes a lot of effort in giving detailed explanations and all the volunteers who help to assist.

Thank you very much !!

Joseph Tan (JSSC , Bradell Center) submitted on 2014-11-04 17:59:02

This morning I saw an article in New York Times about chronically ill patients turning to Yoga for relief. The story prompted me to write to you to thank you for the wonderful introduction to Yoga. You and your team members were very patient and encouraging. I tried Yoga just to supplement my exercises. I must confess that I could not do many of the fine postures and that may be due to the disporportionate limbs, stiff joints, and a 60-year old inflexible body. But I am enjoying myself almost everyday selecting different groups of postures and breathing exercises to keep on improving. The Sun Salute was really great and I do it between five to twelve cycles, depending on the time I have in the morning or evening. It feels nice to sweat.

I have borrowed books from the National Library to pick up a few tips here and there to improve my postures. I go into the yoganikam website to study how each sequence should be done. The reference notes were invaluable. I noticed many of the people in the class were natural materials for Yoga.

I just marvel at how they performed so naturally.

Thank You
Mr Jagadish

Vanitha ( GIIS Questown, Center) submitted on 2014-11-04 17:57:28

What I am about to share with you is a collection of feedback from my group members.

My group member’s ailments consist of migraine, thyroid (hypo) and also knee problems. Before I go any further, my group and I would like to take this moment to thank Mr. Atulji and team of wonderful volunteers for giving us this golden opportunity to learn about yoga. No doubt there are various centres teaching yoga, but we personally feel that the knowledge that we have gained this past 11 weeks is priceless and what we have learnt here, is more than any of these centers could have provided. My group members are – Ambika, Soong, Linda, Violet and Selvi. For myself I was much interested in practicing yoga but was afraid that I was too fat to do it. I was wondering if I was doing it right, comparing myself to others in the class, worrying about my body – how it looked, was this the right exercise for it? – or just thinking about the next thing I needed to do in my day. After I began the meditations a lot of this doubts was cleared away and I began to connect with the practice. I had this strong feeling that I had attained inner peace when I practiced yoga. I felt right and comfortable, but also like nowhere I have ever been before. I did also lost some weight and I am able to disciple myself by waking up at 4.30am in the morning to do my yoga. Selvi also felt while practicing yoga, she could extend her limitations, with less effort; can hold postures longer and have more confidence and joy in doing the practice. She also saw changes outside her Yoga practice too. She stated that she has more energy, more patience with her children, and not so stressed up any more.

Ambika, on the hand was able to improve flexibility in her knees, which she had trouble with due to a past surgery. She also noticed that her concentration has improved greatly in her research and studies after practicing the breathing exercises. Soong confessed that after practicing the Jal Dhauti (Vomiting exercise), she has not had her migraine attacks. Linda and Violet found that they had a better understanding of yoga after attending this session and it had given them lots of encouragement to do better and practice more.

To summarise :

We found that Yoga is more than "om-ing" and sitting cross-legged. It is a combination of body, mind, and spirit. Yoga can make you very fit, it conditions your muscles, it energizes you, it helps you breathe, gives you more balance, and more of a feeling of goodness about yourself. My group have definitely found the benefits of practicing yoga.

Thank you

Mr Atulji and Ms Kala

Mrs. Thahera Manzur (GIIS Queenstown, Center) submitted on 2014-11-04 17:55:11

To: The Guruji Nikam Guruji Yoga Kutir Singapore

Dear Sir,

After attending your yoga classes for the past 10 weeks my health has improved a lot. I am getting sound sleep at nights and feel very fresh and energetic throughout the day. My appetite also has improved. I am glad that I attended your course. It is an excellent course and I want to thank you and your team of instructors. I will recommend this course to all my friends.

Thanking you Yours sincerely

Alice Tan (Ramakrishna Mission) submitted on 2014-11-04 17:54:02

Mission To Whom it May Concern

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Nikam Guruji Yoga Kutir organization. Prior to my participation to the program, I was suffering from clinical depression and constant insomnia.  That made me very weak and dependent on large dosage of medication.

Under the kind guidance and dedicated teachings of Mr. Atul, Mr. Chandra and all the senior volunteers, I was able to benefit from the yoga program. With frequent practice, I have since become healthier and no longer dependent on medication.

With this, I would have to credit Nikam Guruji Yoga Kutir for helping me regain my self-confidence and able to look at things more positively.

I would strongly recommend Nikam Guruji Yoga Kutir to anyone who believes that yoga is beneficial both physically and spiritually.

May God Bless all!

Alice TanVolunteer at Nikam Guruji Yoga Kutir

Venerable Zhiyi (aka Mona) submitted on 2014-11-04 17:52:37

Dear Atul-ji

Hello, I hope you and Mrs Atul and family are all well.

I'm very grateful to have such a great yoga master like you. Although I didn't have the chance to practice yoga daily much as I would like to but being a novice nun these past few years have made this difficult as I have rigorous tight schedule in our monastery.

This have changed recently when I went for my final ordinations in Taiwan. I've got the final ordinations so I've "graduated" from novice nun to fully ordained nun, that means I have more freedom to plan my own study schedule now. But during my time in USA, I did taught a China nun some simple yoga asanas like the Sun Salute, Agnisaar, and some asanas mainly to address her neck and spine problems, she benefitted tremendously. During our one month break, she went back to China and taught her disciples there and some lay persons. The result, they all benefitted and she came back inviting me to fly to China to teach at her monastery in Suizhou. I promised and went when I finished my Taiwan ordinations in April.

During my two weeks in Suizhou China, I not only taught her 87 yr old Head nun, she got lots of phlegm, acidicity, only functioning on one lungs and often didn't sleep well and suffered shortness of breath and has high blood pressure. I taught her what I know and skipped those dangerous and unsuitable for high blood pressure as taught by Atul-ji and she not only didn't suffered any discomforts, but she was fit as a fiddle after one week and wasn't breathless anymore, slept well and gradually, kapal bhati got rid of her excess phlegm and acidity problems after using our great Grand Yoga Master Nikam-ji's yoga. Her right eye didn't teared for a very long time and she started to tear in that eye. Not to mention the other younger nuns, all benefitted too for their various ailments. I also taught her devotees there, many middle aged housewives with poor blood circulation or breathlessness or poor sleep problems. I also encouraged many to do the most important cleansing techniques and many benefitted fast and were very grateful for having learnt this wonderful yoga. I told them I was very fortunate to be able to learn first hand from you and they said they too were grateful to learn from me in the process.

What is the most touching of my two weeks' stay was defintely the China nun's brother. He got stroke and his right arm and leg was not functioning. He had to drag his arm and leg to class. I have three separate sessions, one with the 87 Headnun, one with the devotees, one with the residential nuns -3 of them, one with his brother plus a nun to act as translator as I don't really understand their local dialect there. So initially, he could not do the kapal bhapti or neck excercises well at all. So first two sessions, we tried to coach him to do what little he can while trying hard to massage his head area. After the first day, he complained pain in his right arm. The second day onwards, I focused him strictly just on neck exercises and kapal bhapti. Again the breathing exercises, he can't do much so we tried to make him do more the neck exercises. I was concerned he can't get anyone to massage his head so when I leave in two weeks, he would be back to square one. What happened was truly amazing, within a few days, his right hand started responding slowly and soon, he was able to raise his right arm and by the end of the ten days session, he was able to help sweep the monastery grounds slowly. I was told they got him massage therapy for a few months previously which was not only costly but the progress was not also that fast as compared to the yoga neck exercises he did. So it was quite touching when I encouraged him during my last session that he got to continue and have faith in himself and carry on practicing diligently as no one can do it for him, he teared a lot even the translator nun teared too. It was such a touching moment. Just to witness his progress made my trip to China worthwhile not to mention the 87 yr old Headnun. She was also very grateful as she has been in poor health in recent years and trouble with excessive heart attacks and phlegm problems. I told all the devotees there that my yoga master taught yoga for health, mental stamina but ultimately it's to practice meditation.

All those Sunday morning sessions you spent with us brought back warm memories and I tried to share as much information as I can recall on why we do what asanas and for what reasons and benefits and not just to practice yoga mechanically. The golden rules to listen to your body and if the pain don't last beyond half an hour, it's ok. But if it's beyond half and hour then better stop practicing. I tried to teach whatever you taught us in the intermediate and instructors' classes and they all felt the benefits tremendously. I felt bad I didn't have the chance to revise and refresh whatever I've learnt as much as I would like to as I was ill prepared for this trip due to many reasons. I nearly didn't manage to go to China at one point initially due to some travelling arrangement hiccups. So although I still managed to go and taught some yoga and I was badly out of shape but because of your dedicated teachings and trainings, plus that of other wonderful instructors like Mr Chandran, Mr Jagadish, etc which was deeply ingrained in my mind, I still managed give them something beneficial. For that, I just wanted to let you and other instructors know that you and the other yoga instructors are one of the greatest blessings to me and I am honoured to be able to be a part of Nikam-ji's wonderful yoga. The China folks felt honoured to be to learn from me as a result of this connection.

I'm now in Taiwan and will be back in USA by end June. Even now, here there is a few persons who are getting benefits plus myself as I'm nowadays doing Agnisaar and I'm getting the benefits too.
I'll continue my yoga regiments religiously when back in USA and it has helped me in my meditations too. Just wanted to share with you how your kindness in sharing yoga with us have such ripple effects from India, to Singapore, Taiwan, China, etc. I have not even listed all the cases it's just a few to note.

I wanted very much to meet up with you when I returned recently but as I was with a Senior nun and she made time out of her tight schedule to fly back with me so I was unable to come visit you at the Sunday school much as I wanted to as this time round it was a very rushed short trip even my family n friends were complaining. I also had to rush a few errands like renew my bank account bk, ATM card and passport. I hope I will get another chance to meet with Atul-ji and not so rush on my next return visit.

Thank you and plse take good care of yourself and send my regards to the other instructors too, they also form a very important part of your yoga movement !

With Deepest Respect and Well Wishes
Venerable Zhiyi (aka Mona)

Mr. Vivek Jain submitted on 2014-11-04 17:44:42

I would like to share my personal experience with Tratak. Even though I had practiced this in the past, it is only from last couple of months that I have been quite regularly practicing this early morning. It all started when I used to have swollen & painful eye quite often. That is where I thought of practicing this.

With regular practice, now I am able to stare at the lamp without blinking my eyes for approximately 10 minutes. Almost for the same time, I am able to do Inner Tratak as well while my eyes are closed. Normally, I would experience a dot for few minutes with varying colours during this time. The thoughts are almost vanished at this point in time.

So far, the results is very encouraging. Firstly, I do not have swollen eyes anymore. Secondly, my eyes power has reduced by 25 degree. Moreover, I am able to concentrate more on my work.

Spiritually, this has also helped me a lot. Before starting to gaze at the lamp, I would pray for about 5 minutes. While I am gazing at the lamp, I would also chant mantras.

At times, immediately after Tratak, I would continue with breathing techniques and Pranayam.

Thanks & Kind Regards
Vivek Jain