We are a group of volunteers inspired by Hathayogi Nikam Guruji who propagated Yoga Selflessly throughout his life. His  program of teaching Hathayoga free of charges to the masses through voluntary Yoga Instructors was already successful in Mumbai since 1960's. This time tested program was brought to Singapore by one of his disciples and the first such free Yoga course was conducted under the auspices of the Ramakrishna Mission at Bartley Road, Singapore in November 1997.

This 12 week course got overwhelming response from Yoga aspirants in Singapore and more such courses were conducted. Handpicked, skilful participants from these courses were trained as Yoga instructors so that personal attention could be given to the future candidates. This enabled to maintain a good quality of instructions. The instructors were purely voluntary and provided their services selflessly to the masses. This cycle of conducting free courses, encouraging and training voluntary instructors and further propagating Yoga through the selfless services of the volunteers forms the basis of the operation of our organization.

Over the months and years a need was felt to have more centres so as to reach the masses in various localities of Singapore. Accordingly, more organizations were approached to provide their infrastructure. Several like minded organizations were more than happy to contribute to our cause of bringing health and happiness to the masses through the propagation of Hathayoga. The model  where Nikam Guruji Yoga Kutir provides it's knowledge and skills and the host organizations providing their infrastructure has proven to be a successful one.

Over the years, we structured our courses into Basic, Intermediate and Instructor courses. Special courses are conducted to enable our voluntary instructors to handle ailments, perform demonstrations, conduct mass practices etc. Various programs like Sunday morning practice sessions, quarterly outdoor Yoga, Yoga retreats and various workshops are conducted to focus our energy on enhancing the skills of our Yoga Instructors.

In 2008 we registered our group as a society in Singpore. To date we conduct our free basic Hathayoga courses across 18 centres. Like minded organizations like schools, temples, monastries, clubs etc have partnered with us to bring the benefit of this activity to Singaporeans. With the great support from these host organizations, our volunteers have brought Hathayoga to over 32000 participants free of charge.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the host organizations, our volunteers and our participants to make this activity successful over the years.