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  Intermediate Course

(11 weekly sessions for two hours each)

Admission is open to candidates who :

1. Are certified for the BASIC course conducted at any one of our centres;
2. Are not suffering from any form of serious ailments; and
3. Stand among top 65 in Intermediate Qualifying Test conducted at the respective centres.

No Venue Day Timing Next Course
Tentative Date
Contact Person Mode of Enrollment
1 Ramakrishna Mission
179, Bartley Road, Singapore 539784
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Sun 09:30 am - 11:30 am 21-07-2024 Test date: 14-07-2024 Mr. Vasan
Through assessment test on 14th July (Sun, 9.30am at the same venue)
2 Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple
Multi purpose function hall, 73, Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089167
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TBD 09:30 am - 11:30 am TBD Mr. Pankaj Tripathi
Through assessment test

Candidates will be assessed at both the venues, on the following BASIC COURSE contents:
1 Bhrama-Mudras (neck exercises) - all 3 variations
2 Yoga-Mudra (forward bends) - 3rd variation only
3 Padmasan (Lotus posture - At least half lotus)*
4 Kapal-Bhati (Brisk breathing) - both nostrils (108 strokes)*
5 Ujjayi (Snoring breath) - 1st variation only*
6 Seetkari (The cooling breath through teeth)
7 Agnisaar (Stomach flapping)*
8 Uddiyan (The abdomen lock)*
9 Pavan Muktasan (nose to knee)- single leg only
10 Sarvangasan (Shoulder stand)*
11 Halasan (Plough stance)
12 Skandharasan (2nd shoulder stand)
13 Shalabhasan (Locust stance) - both legs only
14 Naukasan (Canoe) - 1st variation only
15 Bhujangasan (Serpent)
16 Dhanurasan (Bow-String)
17 Paschimottanasan (Forehead to knee)
18 Ardha-Macchindrasan (Spinal twist)
19 Surya-Namaskar (Sun Salute)*
20 Jala Dhauti - Verbal feedback
* Denotes critical exercises

Participants are requested to bring along the certificate of Basic Course for validation and be present personally for the qualifying test.

and they will be informed of the outcome of the qualifying test on the same day, about 30 mins after the conclusion of the test.