Greetings from YogaNikam.

Due to the uncertainty about the spread of Novel Coronavirus, Nikam Guruji Yoga Kutir’s classes, all over Singapore, are further suspended.

please refer to our website and YogaNikam face book page for further updates regarding resumption of the Yoga classes.

Thank you for your understanding in continue your Yoga practice at home.

We recommend our instructors and participants take below hygiene measures in their Yoga practice at home:

  1. Avoid bringing your hands close to your face. Skip Kapalbhati with single nostril, do not rub your hands over the face after meditation or prayers.
  2. Place a clean cloth or towel on the mat where your face comes in contact with your Yoga mat. This happens during the practice of postures or Suryanamaskar.
  3. Clean your hands with sanitizers before and after Yoga.
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